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About Us
GRUPO TICAMEX, S.A. DE C.V. specializes in the merchandise exports in LTL and FTL to the main countries in Central America and Panama, our staff is highly competitive and well trained with more than 25 years of experience in this field.

In GRUPO TICAMEX we manage high quality standards that permit us to offer a better service oriented to the "CUSTOMER SERVICE" with the goal to give each customer a service with the best quality according to their needs.

Thanks to the effort of each person that form part of our enterprise, we feel proud to say that we have customers with more than 10 years of preference working with us.

Thanks for your attention and preference in GRUPO TICAMEX we will be very proud to serve you.
Our mission is to give to our customers the best inland, maritime and air transport service. Our service is based in the principles of quality, honesty, responsibility and personalized service and the delivery of your merchandise on time.
Our vision is to be the best national and International enterprise for the inland, maritime and air transport, using our improvement process in the services we offer to our actual and future customers.

In GRUPO TICAMEX we are guided for the next values:





These values allow us to be better, not only as enterprise, furthermore as persons every day.


How do get the efficiency in GRUPO TICAMEX

Uniting the principles of quality and personalized service that have characterized us over 25 years of experience and allow us to ensure that your goods will arrive at their destination in good condition and the transit times specified.


Service and Total Quality

We know the Central America market and the needs that our customers have in each country, that’s the reason why we offer a personalize service with high quality standards to provide each customer calm and security that the merchandise will arrive on time and form to the final destiny.


This quality has been obtained thanks to the experience, continuous improvement and the training staff in Mexico and Central America.

We have the newest and modern trucks to transport your merchandises.


Since the first call, you will notice the warmly and professional service that we will provide you and the merchandise.

About Us
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